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Acupuncture for Neurological Diseases Rochester NY

Medical Oncology

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Acupuncture for Neurological Diseases Rochester NY

Cancer Immunotherapy

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7th Generation World-Class Medical Oncology Acupuncture

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Integrative, Personalized, Therapeutic, Preventive, Medical Oncology Acupuncture

Part of Comprehensive Cancer Care 

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Medical Oncology Acupuncture

Fight for Cure

  1. Treat the Root of Disease 
  2. Integrated with Conventional Medical Oncology Care 
  3. Reverse Cancer-Mediated Immunosuppression
  4. Build and/or Boost Anti-Cancer Immunity / Immune Surveillance Against Cancer
  5. Relieve Treatment Side Effects and Cancer Complications
  6. Improve Quality of Life of Cancer Patients
  7. Improve Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy
  8. Improve Quality of Cancer Care
  9. Improve Cancer Prevention
  10. Collaborate with the Best Giant Oncologists in the World
  11. Effective Alternative Cancer Care 

Featuring Melanoma Supportive Care and Prevention, Beyond All Types of Cancer Support

The World's Most Valuable Treasure, Traditional Chinese Medicine 

For All Types of Cancer

RUI Medical Oncology Acupuncture

World-Class Alternative Cancer Care

7th Generation Medical Acupuncture Care for Cancer Treatment Side effects, Cancer Complications, Pain, Fatigue, Neuropathhy, Lymphedema, Nausea and Vomiting, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Poor Appetite, Dry Mouth, Hot Flashes, Nerve Problems, Constipation and Diarrhea, and Build / Boost Anti-Cancer Immunity / Immune Surveillance Against Cancer, etc.

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Trends of Acupuncture in 

Cancer Supportive Care 

Acupuncture care is part of comprehensive cancer care. Acupuncture has been used to relief a variety of symptoms and conditions associated with cancer itself and the side effects of cancer conventional therapies. Up to date, all of the major cancer centers, such as M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, are integrating acupuncture into comprehensive cancer care. Based upon our clinical observations and literature studies, integration of acupuncture with conventional cancer treatment can reach very promising clinical outcome for improving quality of cancer patient life and quality of cancer care. 

acupuncture for cancer care Rochester NY

Acupuncture and Anti-Cancer​ Immunity

1. Acupuncture action on reversal of tumor-mediated immunosuppression may be related to JAK-STAT signaling regulation.

2. Acupuncture may stimulate anti-cancer immunity via activation of natural killer cells

Anti-inflammatory Acupuncture for Cancer Prevention

7th Generation Medical Acupuncture Relieves Inflammation, while Building Anti-Cancer Immunity

Studies have demonstrated that inflammation is a major risk factor of cancer, a key event in cancer development. What is the impact of anti-inflammatory acupuncture on cancer development? It is worth to look into the acupuncture preventive action on cancer care in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton NY

melanoma care and prevention

Melanoma Care & Prevention

1. Melanoma Has Immunogenic Properties.

2. Melanoma Is Used as a Model Tumor for Immuno-oncology.

3. Immunosuppression Limits Melanoma Immunotherapy and Potential Opportunities for Intervention may Improve the Outcome of Melanoma Immunotherapy.

4. STAT3 as a Biomarker of Progression in Atypical Nevi of Patients with Melanoma.

5. Acupuncture action on reversal of tumor-mediated immunosuppression may be related to JAK-STAT signaling regulation.

Image is credited to John Kirkwood, MD.

World-Class Acupuncture for

Prostate Healthcare and Men's Health

7th Generation Medical Acupuncture for 

Prostate Cancer Support and Prevention

Studies have discovered that that acupuncture eases prostate, relieves prostate disorders (Wang, et al.). Acupuncture improves International Prostate Symptom Scores (IPSS). The IPSS score is used to evaluate prostate conditions associated with incomplete urination bladder emptying, frequent urination, intermittent interruptions in the urinary stream, urgent urination, weakness of the urine stream, straining during urination and the need to get up and urinate in the night.

Common prostate problems are prostatitis (inflammation) and BPH (prostate enlargement, prostatic hyperplasia). Prostate diseases tend to occur in order with prostatitis first, BPH second, and finally prostate cancer.  In general, the men with a history of prostatitis have a 30% increased risk of prostate cancer compared to men who did not have a history of prostatitis. The risk factors of prostate cancer include age, race/ethnicity, geography, family history, gene changes, etc. 

Prostate Cancer Support and Prevention
Breast cancer support and prevention

World-Class Acupuncture for

 Breast Healthcare and Women's Health

7th Generation Medical Acupuncture for

Breast Cancer Support and Prevention

1. Explore the risk factors of breast cancer.

2. Dose acupuncture help the women's health problems related to breast cancer risk?

3. Are you in the risk?

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