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integrative medicine near Syracuse NY

Syracuse Integrative Medicine Center

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Integrate Tradition Chinese Medicine with Conventional Western Medicine

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Find the Best Way to Integrate through Clinical Translational Research

Integrated comprehensive care is challenging current medicine. It is pivotal important to know how to integrate multidisciplinary medicine for personalized medical care, such as personalized cancer care, personalize pain management, personalize neurological care, personalized orthopedic care, and more. Integrated comprehensive medical treatment in not simple combination of different approaches of medicine. Simple combination of multidisciplinary medicine is not integrated comprehensive care, and may not reach better clinical outcome. We need to look into integrated comprehensive care to explore better or best way integrating multiple medicine disciplines. Syracuse Integrative Medicine Center, Rochester Integrative Medicine, and Integrative Medicine Institute in Broome County NY are specialized in integration of traditional Chinese medicine with conventional Western medicine. The integrative medicine centers are dedicated to patient care and clinical transnational research to find the best way of integration. The integrative medicine centers are directed by 7th generation medical acupuncture doctor Rui Wang, MD of China. Comprehensive care is not simple combination of multiple medical disciplines. It is a challenge question in which way or how to integrate multidisciplinary medicine to improve the quality of medical care, improve clinical outcome, and enhance the quality of life. RUI has been making great efforts to find the best way to integrate acupuncture with medical oncology for personalized integrated cancer care, integrate acupuncture with neurology for personalized integrated neurological care, integrate acupuncture with pain medicine for personalized integrated pain management, integrate acupuncture with orthopedics for personalized integrated orthopedic care, integrate acupuncture with sports medicine for personalized integrated sports performance care, and so on. RUI integrative medicine acupuncture modalities have been studied for generations from bedside to research, from research to bedside, back and forth, to get improved for better clinical treatment results. RUI integrative medicine acupuncture modalities are different approaches to integrated care as part of comprehensive medical treatment.  RUI integrative medicine acupuncture modalities have been kept on improving for better clinical care through clinical transnational research.

RUI Acupuncture
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