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Neurorestoration and integrative neurology


Neuroimmunology Is on the Center Stage of Medicine

Neuroimmunology not only plays a key role in neurology or neuromedicine, neurommunology also plays a pivotal center role in the whole field of medicine

Integrative neurology acupuncture works through modulating neuro-endocrine-immunology pathways. Study of integrative neurology acupuncture will discover novel therapeutic methods in the field of medicine, including all fields of medicine, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and so on.

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What is neurorestoration?

Neurorestoration is a process to restore, promote, or maintain the integrity of neurological functions by neurorestorative strategies, including physical (electronic or magnetic), chemical (medicine or factors), biological (cell therapy, molecule, bioengineering, and tissue engineering), surgical, or other kind of intervention (Acupuncture), which usually bring anatomic structural and/or functional restoration simultaneously.

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