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Osteoporosis Treatment in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY

Osteoporosis Treatment in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY

What is Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is a bone disease that develops when bone mineral density and bone mass decreases, or when the quality or structure of bone changes. This can lead to a decrease in bone strength that can increase the risk of broken bones known as fractures.

Osteoporosis is called a “silent” disease” because there are typically no symptoms until a bone is broken. Symptoms of vertebral (spine) fracture include severe back pain, loss of height, or spine malformations such as a stooped or hunched posture (kyphosis).


Bones affected by osteoporosis may become so fragile that fractures occur spontaneously or as the result of: (1) Minor falls, such as a fall from standing height that would not normally cause a break in a healthy bone. (2) Normal stresses such as bending, lifting, or even coughing.


Examples of Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Fragility-related fractures. These occur when even mild impact causes a fracture of the wrist, back, hip or other bones.

Height loss. More than two inches in height can be lost over time.

Receding gums.

A curved, stooped shape to the spine.

Lower back pain.


Osteoporosis Acupuncture Treatment


Existing research indicates that acupuncture therapy may offer additional benefits in delaying the onset and slowing the progression of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis acupuncture treatment is evidence base therapy. In recent years, many studies have investigated the efficacy of acupuncture for the treatment of primary osteoporosis in clinical practice, and the findings have shown that acupuncture is effective in improving osteoporosis. Increasing studies have revealed the efficacy of acupuncture for the treatment of osteoporosis in both human and non-human subjects. One research shows acupuncture improves osteoporosis and exerts an endocrine-modulating effect in ovariectomized rats. It has been documented that acupuncture modulates neuro immuno endocrine network through reflex neural circuits signaling pathway. Acupuncture Center USA offers osteoporosis acupuncture treatment in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY. Osteoporosis acupuncture treatment is interventional neuro immuno endocrine modulation therapy that intervenes reflex neural circuits signaling, the inflammatory reflex. Osteoporosis is currently attributed to various endocrine, metabolic and mechanical factors. However, emerging clinical and molecular evidence suggests that inflammation also exerts significant influence on bone turnover, inducing osteoporosis. The impact of acupuncture on inflammation is another possible mechanism of osteoporosis acupuncture treatment.


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Best Osteoporosis Treatment Clinics in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, NY
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