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Food Is Medicine

Consult with your doctor, nutritionist and/or other related specialist for your personalized diet, before you make your own decision to start a diet.

What is diet therapy?

  • Diet therapy is a broad term for the alteration or adoption of a diet to prevent or treat a disease or to simply promote optimum health. In some cases, an alternative dietary lifestyle plan may be developed to eliminate certain foods to reclaim health.

  • An incorrect diet can cause not only weight gain and skin conditions but may promote exhaustion and fatigue. Depending on the disease, if you do not follow the diet advised to you by a specialist it may have serious consequences on your health. A good diet can prevent various diseases. By Professor Pierre-Marc Bouloux.

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Inflammatory Foods

There are a lot of foods cause inflammation. The followings are some examples.

  • Red meat

  • Processed meat

  • Commercial baked goods such as snack cakes, pies

  • Bread and pasta made with white flour

  • Deep fried items

  • Foods high in added sugar

  • Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda

  • Trans fats

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Inflammation and Cancer

Inflammation is often associated with the development and progression of cancer. Chronic inflammation is a risk factor of cancer. (Nitin Singh. Ann Afr Med. 2019 Jul-Sep; 18(3): 121–126.)

Studies have shown that inflammatory pathways are critical targets in both prevention and therapy of cancer. (Huakan Zhao,

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A normal part of the body’s response to injury or infection. Inflammation occurs when the body releases chemicals that trigger an immune response to fight off infection or heal damaged tissue. Once the injury or infection is healed, the inflammatory process ends. Chronic inflammation is an abnormal immune response in which the inflammatory process does not end when it should or may begin when there is no infection or injury. Over time, chronic inflammation can damage healthy cells, tissues, and organs. This can lead to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer disease, and autoimmune conditions.(National Cancer Institute)

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Anti-inflammatory Foods

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Vitamin C

  • Polyphenols

  • Gut-Healthy Foods

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Foods that may help lower your cancer risk

MD Anderson expert says you can reduce – but not eliminate – your cancer risk by focusing on plants and making healthy food choices. 

You won’t eliminate your cancer risk by eating certain foods. But if you focus on eating a plant-based diet and maintaining a healthy weight, you will go a long way in reducing your risk. (BY DANIELLE UNDERFERTH)

Eating garlic regularly may also help protect against cancer. Garlic is rich in antioxidants. In your body, harmful particles called free radicals build up as you age and may contribute to heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer disease.

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Food Is Medicine

Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM) diet therapy is an ancient program of food as medicine. Acupuncture Center USA is a traditional Chinese medicine center serving in or near Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany, Buffalo, New York.

*Consult with your doctor, nutritionist and/or other related specialist for your personalized diet, before you make your own decision to start a diet.

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